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ground zero memorial

ground zero memorial

Obama & McCain at Ground Zero WTC in a pit where twin towers fell on the Sept. 11 2001commemorating the nation tragedy day with silence & placing roses in reflecting pool.

In the nonpartisan Olympian spirit of the commemoration & political war truce, McCain and Obama will make duel appearances at a televised forum on civic /national service engagement sponsored by Columbia University which lost at 9/11 WTC event over 100 alumni while Obama is Columbia alumnus and so McCain’s daughter Meghanwho campagns for her Dad as freelance cinemaproducer 
Technologos Tumblr experiments with mixed  mediascapes  with WTC NOSTALGY CINEMA  9/11 WTC TRAGEDY  AS PARADIGM CHANGE GLOBAL TERROR WAR TOWARDS INTERNATIONAL LAW ORDER    Technologos 
surcinemascape  NBC COMMENTATOR CRITIQUE GOP & McCain abusing 9/11 tragedy as GOP BRAND

 ENVISIONING NEW WTC MEMORIAL CINEMASCAPES as well as original WTC construction focused on war on terror and 9/11 wtc collapse and neocons strategists neoemperial chimeras


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