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t1There was an tragic accident with russian last generation nuke-powered submarine type of Shark (Akula/nerpa) which was tested in Pacific ocean Japan sea with probable objective to be commisioned with 10 years lease to indian navy with other sub and two support airplanes as well for sum of $ 1.7 Bln   What caused the false fire extinguish system malfunctioning accident is attributed by official version to human factor vs computer malfunction version as one unofficial expert suggested which trapped people within sub to suffocate with known death of 21 navy experts and 20 injured still a mystery as when Kursk submarine sank in 2000 in the Barents Sea. All 118 sailors aboard died while no rescue was offered by Putin.
French film by JM Carre mystery saga investigated docdrama presented here as dark legacy of secretive putin regime initiation of autocracy and unhuman cruelty.The sinking of the Kursk nuclear submarine was not a collision with US sub in 2000 but due to accidental torpedo explosion inside the vessel during routine practice manoeuvres is Russia’s worst ever disaster.
A small number of the crew survived the first explosion only to die hours later, slowly suffocating in freezing conditions and pitch darkness as they waited in vain for a rescue attempt as Russian govenment and military officials decided not to call on foreign navy assistance.
In the end all 118 members of the crew onboard were killed, in spite of a late and dramatic rescue effort from a British team to free the trapped Priz submersible and its crew of seven from the seabed. There is believe that 23 sailors who survived the first blast could be saved, had the Russian navy reacted in time.
  View technologos cinematic portraits After Kursk disaster in 2000, there was a set of accidents with Russia naval submarines.
Nine sailors died aboard a K-159 nuclear submarine when it sank in the Barents Sea in August 2003 while being towed to port for decommissioning.
In 2005, a mini-submarine of the Pacific Fleet got snared in a fishing net, leaving the crew trapped underwater with dwindling oxygen supplies but British rescue team using a high-tech mini-submarine managed to extract the Russian minisub.


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