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Obanomics launched as Obama’s New Economy Paradigm Project with a Team of economists leaders: tim geithner, larry summers, chris romer & melody barnes. While Barack Obama as president-elect team has focused on economy recovery new blueprint PR panacea plan as global economy solution void of devils’ details. The true imperative priority must envision hollistic approach to finances economy systemic problem of reigning cognitive dissonance by mediating resolution approach as Technologos Project proposal to create global technology financial intelligence monitoring institute as finances cognitive infrastructure instrument defining transparent financial monetary policies discipline to execute worldiwide central banks strategies execution of cognitive consonance as robust global finances economy governance a la SWIFT mode with key players governments central banks TECHNOLOGOS ON WALL STREET BANKS MELTDOWN CHALLENGE GLOBAL ECONOMY DIGITAL ECONOMY
Technologos webcinema and bailout reels Paul Volcker Forecasts US Economy Crisis “Altogether, the circumstances seem as dangerous and intractable as I can remember.” “I come now to the heart of the problem, as a Nation we are consuming and investing, that is spending, about 6% more than we are producing. What holds it all together? – High consumption – high leverage – government deficits – What holds it all together is a really massive and growing flow of capital from abroad. A flow of capital that today runs to more than $2 Billion per day.” “What I’m really talking about boils down to the oldest lesson of financial policy in Central Banking: A strong sense of monetary and fiscal discipline.”


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