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bodyanastasIN MEMORIAM of HR lawyer Stanislav Markelov and  journalist Anastasia Baburova  who were remembered and eulogised for political advocacy intellectual courage all over  Russia  with grief and outrage in a country where lawyers and journalists who challenge the official version of justice are frequently murdered. Markelov was shot dead in broad daylight in downtown Moscow on January 19, many of his colleagues said they were certain it was this habit of challenging the authorities in the
courts that cost him his life.

Colleagues compare these events with the 2006 killing of investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya — a client of Markelov’s and a fellow enemy of rights abuses in Chechnya and across former President Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Prominent rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva called the shooting “a disgrace for Russia” while a well-known HR lawyer Yury Schmidt named – a political assasination :  “I see this as an assassination that was clearly politically motivated. I don’t know if this was an act of vengeance, a
warning for others.” 


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