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TECHNOLOGOS PROPOSING ALTERNATIVE FINANCIAL SYSTEM FRAMEWORK CREATION TO REORGANIZE AND REFORMULATE FUNDAMENTAL FINANCIAL CONCEPTS OF CREATING WEALTH CHALLENGING TREASURY SECRETARY GEITHNER OUTLINED PATCHWORK OF RESTORATION OF OLD FINANCIAL SYSTEM INSTRUMENTS AND INSTITUTIONS AS VOID STRATEGICAL GLOBAL OUTREACH TO JUMPSTART ECONOMY BY STABILIZING DYSBALANCED & DYSFUNCTIONAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM. View ECOLOGOS Paul Volcker Forecasts US Economy Crisis Technologos proposing design robust and resilent banking infrastructure parasigm in parallel with rebuilding the old one with priority of financial intelligence and redundancy features by creating prototype model through economic psycho science institution to define how to monitor and control a new financial order architecture by taking in account feasable cognitive insights of mental and psycho processes where information technology construct intelligent finance models infrastructure global topology and new financial theory of global monitoring framework analising phony market ideologies fallacies View and
House Financial Committee at the Congress renown economist Roubini
predicts the global economic downturn and now calls for a nationalization of banks to stop the financial system meltdown while Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz at the University of Edinburgh presents Globalisation & the 21st Century Enlightenment lecture focusing on present crisis

along with Paul Krugman who thinks this crisis is out of control and there is no reason to think there is any spontaneous mechanism for recovery as a financier George Soros have challenged market fundamentalism ideologies and criticize inadequate old policies solutions to imminent global financial crisis created by the WS banks and not willing to participate with gov proposal to invest in it’s chimeric gov-private investment fund to save the failed banking industry. Financial bailout plan should consider nationalizing the troubled banks it is assisting in the plan thinks Stiglitz so the bailout program thus far was flawed. “It’s very strange to have a system of capital allocation when the ones allocating the capital don’t bear the risk…that’s not capitalism, that’s not a market economy. So all the theories about why a market economy will work well have been totally destroyed by the role the government has taken in absorbing risk” View NOBEL PRIZE ECONOMY WINNERS WEBCINEMA AS ANTIDOTE and to Greenspan fallacy legacy of financial meltdown with his acceptance of conceptual flaw in the financial system. View Barney Frank interview suggesting creating global economy regulations while reorganizing US system.


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