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cricket sirsstanfords at mexiaTECHNOLOGOS CINEMASCAPES ON STANFORD View flamboyant Sir Allen Stanford Interview with NBC in 2008 where he claims he owns and runs 50 Blns investment empire so was MADOFF INVESTMENTS SCHEMES ENTERPRISES- PONZI MINDSET PYRAMIDE SCHEMES EPITOMISES SEC & WALL STREET SYSTEMIC FAILURE AND FINANCIAL COGNITIVE FALLACY

Stanford’s personal fortune estimated over $2 Blns while he financially seduced US politiicians donating over 5 Mlns in the last decade as he grabbing cricketters wifes on the video believing he owns this sport as he owns homes in Miami, owns the Virgin Islands and Antigua being knighted as Sir , and in them he has entertained powerful American politicians from both sides of political spectre. A fund of hedge funds run by son and brother of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s was marketed exclusively by firms controlled by Stanford. He has an estranged wife, a girlfriend, former girlfriends and at least six children by four women with monthly tab to supportl runs upward of $200,000.

STANFORD’s FRAUD EXPOSES AGAIN SEC AS US FINANCES WATCHDOG IS IRRELEVANT in new global finances era when financial markets are much more complex than in the past to monitor and control while the crises are more intractable and the risks ncalculable. Allen Stanford was questionned by the SEC about high returns on depositors investments while all other financial indicators trend downwards as the cause to file civil legal suit.The SEC has accused Stanford along with Davis, 60, and Pendergest-Holt, 35, of running a “massive, ongoing fraud” that misled investors in about $8 billion in certificates of deposit issued by Stanford International Bank, which SEC said promised “improbable, if not impossible” returns. The FBI served him on Feb. 19 in Virginia with court papers related to the SEC’s civil lawsuit but he was not under criminal investigation.
Madoff fraud exposes the SEC’s void of supervising the fund or being directly IMPLICATED in the con-artist scheme by covering it as it never examined his investment advisory business as $50 Blns fraud deal while creating mistrust and panique towards banks and financial institutions. and The renown economists Roubini and Taleb, who predicted the global economic downturn even called for a nationalization of banks to stop the financial system meltdown while Nobel prize-winning economists Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman and financier George Soros have challenged market fundamentalism ideologies.
Technologos proposing creating an economic psycho science institution to define how to monotor and control a new financial order taking in account feasable cognitive insights of mental and psycho processes where information technology construct intelligent finance models infrastructure global topology and new financial theory of global monitoring framework analising phony market ideologies fallacies View NOBEL PRIZE ECONOMY WINNERS WEBCINEMA AS ANTIDOTE and Greenspan legacy of financial meltdown with his acceptance of conceptual flaw in the financial monitoring system.


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