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khodorkovsky & lebedevSTALINESQUE SHOW TRIAL OVER YUKOS OLIGARCHS OPENED IN MOSCOW The Kremlin has brought anew old embezzlement and money-laundering charges against Khodorkovsky & Lbedev, who face 22 plus years in a Siberian and Archtic prisons when convicted as double jeapardy trials. Yukos CEO lawyers say the new charges are absurd. There are serious doubts about having a fair trial as Stalin time remake of show trials shows attempt to keep them in prison well beyond their release date mocks all Kremlin assertions about the rule of law and it seems that Kremlin’s leaders will not free Khodorkovsky in the near future. On the other hand, there is still a chance that this trial of Khodorkovsky and lebedev will end in their acquittal if there will be a fully open and impartial trial and if there will be strict adherence to prescribed court procedures, the defendants would be found innocent of the absurd double indemnity false charges.
However, ex-Yukos oligarchs might get their revenge as the European Court of Human Rights agreed to examine charges against the Russian government brought by american former Yukos executives who are accusing Russia of expropriating Yukos assets and are seeking $42 billion in damages for its shareholders. View Anna Politkovskya murder trial REVEALS PUTIN REGIME SYSTEM’s JUSTICE FARCE while open trial on the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya ended in acquiital of all accused in Moscow military court while no hitman or assasination organizer were brought to justice. View POLITICAL DISSIDENT GALINA STAROVOITOVA IN ST PETERSBURG who was murdered in St Petersburg AND SVETLANA ALLILUEV STALIN DAUGHTER ESCAPIST STORY EPITOMISES TRAGICOMEDY FATE OF RUSSIA’s WOMEN OF TALENT and technologos webcinematic narrative View Khodorkovsky and Lebedev at previous trial being transferred to Siberia and Arctic proson camps.Khodorkovsky claimsbeing the victim of corrupt officials who feared his political ambitions and wanted to raid his business empire.


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