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natasha as toddler with dad & mom

natasha as toddler with dad & mom

natasha richardsonIs Natasha Richardson Brain Dead After Tragic Ski Accident?!
NB In memoriam : NATASHA RICHARDSON In The White Countess Natasha Richardson Tragic DEATH is officially CONFIRMED by the family as she was taken from Life Support at NYC Upper East Manhatten Lenox Hill Hospital which is euphanasia style deathwish.
NB According to a insider neurologist while Natasha was in Canada hospital there was overheard saying that her pupils were unresponsive, a sign of advanced brain damage and brevity of her stay at SacrÃ-Coeur suggests she was already brain dead:”Despite everything .. once somebody is brain dead, it’s really just a matter of time before the body goes.”

Natasha Richardson, 45, is married to the actor Liam Neeson who commented on loving her ‘for a talent and individuality’ and is the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and the director Tony Richardson (died in 1991 while Natasha set up a AIDS cure foundation in his memory ), who both are established film and theatre figures .


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