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Nadya Suleman fired “Angels in Waiting”” while addressing allegations by Gloria Allred who filed a complaint with Child Protective Services and threatened to put Suleman’s children in foster homes if she didn’t get them proper nursing care. Currently, there are two nannies and at least one nurse from Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center who previously cared for the babies that are helping watch the 10 children now at the home.

Nadya’s view being ostracized and stranger at her home: ” First and foremost, it was a scam,” says Nadya. NB View/load Howard Kurtz recent postcast show with confrontation with Gloria Allred by Ray Richmond accusing her and Dr Phil in media circus with bermuda triangle of narcissism not caring for octuplets but themselves

“They had no resources. They were basically placed in the house to try to set me up for failure doing specific things to create erroneous things to have my children taken away because they are licensed foster parents.”
View Gloria Allred interview on her nannies and Nadya Suleman who from their perspective ‘ fails the American Taxpayers being a single mother, unemployed on food stamps, collecting disability, and even allegedly having cosmetic surgery to make herself look more like her celebrity idol, Angelina Jolie.’

Nadya’s farther Doud laughed on insinuation that his daughter tries to look like Angelina Jolie. “It’s funny that she never thought of Angelina Jolie,” “I don’t think she knew who she was.”



  1. Enough is enough. There has been no caring or sympathy or understanding for this woman and her babies. They all need help…period. And those who seek to expoit her, diminish her and make her a “bad” image are those who are promoting themselves and ratings.
    The way I see it, we have a lot of Arab blood on our hands…tens of thousands of woman and children killed by our bombs for no reason. We can’t extend ourselves to help a woman with Arab blood and her children? Sure she needs help but she needs help she supervises. The woman is educated, knows how to care for kids and can supervise child care workers. Aldred is on the wrong side on this one. She should he helping not hindering…and looking for a new case. TV celebrities, unless you really want to help privately, stay out of it. Think of the children. They have to be safe, fed, loved, cleaned, and have intellectual stimuation by being talked to etc. There are 14 children. She needs help with food, diapers, physical help, equipment and sometimes time for herself. I believe she can organize that OK, but she needs money and resources to get it done…she doesn’t need threats, exploitation nor people looking for publicity. The children are #1…so help her, don’t hinder her and do it with love and grace. I have read some horrible emails directed at her and the children and they have made me ill. She is not to blame for 8 kids. She didn’t ask for that many. Her doctor and nature are to blame. She HAS them now…hElp her to make them into good healthy people and good citizens. That is our responsibility as human beings. We also need to make up for our tragedies over the past 7 years in the Arab world directed against women and children. For all of you pro lifers, here is a case made just for you… sent for God. Get together in your churches and help her. The outrage in this case, often fostered by the media, is disgusting and if she had blue eyes and blond hair, the same people would be calling her an angel.

    • AnneLouise from Flor
    • Posted March 28, 2009 at 11:08 pm
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    If that Gloria Allred has anything to do with you, its because she wants the limelight. She makes me sick. Leave the mother alone, she will get her own nurses, I can assure you. Everybody feels the need to butt their big heads in on her world. LEAVE HER ALONE.

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