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jiverly wong at the assembly plant

jiverly wong at the assembly plant

Bizzare Binghamton NY rampage shooting by gunman Jiverly Voong , a 41 year old Chinese American born in Vietnam. He worked at IBM for a time but decided to move to California and worked as Sushi delivery man for 7 years then returned to his family in NY while recently Wong was fired from that job assembling vacuum cleaners at Shop Vac . Jiverly Voong is an alias that Lin Voong. His acquitance Shafi, remembers him as a troubled man.
“He was a very nice guy, but he seemed very, very depressed,”
Voong often mentioned that his wife and kids had left him. “He once said to me, ‘I did everything good for everybody, but nobody ever did anything good for me.”

There were 14 people dead, some killed by execution style shots to the head, and 4 wounded. Gunman walked into the center wearing a greenjacket and dark-rimmed glasses with a hunting knife tucked into the waistband of his pants.
Voong had backed his borrowed car up to the back door of the building to block any escape before he went around to the front door and started to execute people View previous massacre on technologos:

The police were unaware at the time that there was only one assailant so on the possibility that others were involved, some of the male survivors were handcuffed when they were brought out, later on Chief police apologized. The chief defended the time it took officers to go into the after 90 minutes while the police received a 911 call from a receptionist who had been shot by the gunman and played dead while communicating with police all this time. Meanwhile, nearby church pastor, the Rev. Arthur Suggs, said the shooting that had transformed the city was part of a larger pattern in the nation. “It’s like our number came up,” he said.
It is not yet known what Voong did as an employee at IBM which is silent on the event and didn’t confirm his known to media name as being ever employed by IBM which is most probably is not true. Ironically, Binghamton is the birthplace of IBM.


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