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Update: Situation totally out of authorities control as new murders of Human Rights & NGO activists in Checnya: Zarema Sadullayeva and her husband were found dead after being kidnapped in the republic on Monday, August 10th. They were members of the Chechen’ Save the Generation’ charity.

Chechen H R Memorial Leader Natalya Estemirova Homage who was kidnapped and murdered as Russia’s state Human Rights terror war dominates Russia power structures as in Chechen Grozny so in MOSCOW Neo Putin’s RUSSIA UnLAW Rules as neostalinism terror SYSTEM is restored or evolved back to USSR as Human Rights champions and journalists POLITICAL MURDER spree continues. REVEALS PUTIN REGIME SYSTEM’s JUSTICE FARCE as open trial on the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya proceeds in Moscow military court. View POLITICAL DISSIDENT GALINA STAROVOITOVA IN ST PETERSBURG who was murdered in St Petersburg AND SVETLANA ALLILUEV STALIN DAUGHTER ESCAPIST STORY EPITOMISES TRAGICOMEDY FATE OF RUSSIA’s WOMEN OF TALENT Homage to ANNA POLITKOVSKAYA 2nd anniversary of her assasination in Moscow: film LETTER TO ANNA, directed by Eric Bergkraut


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