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Technologos SURCINEMA objective to create CINEMASPHERE with cinema forms sculptural abstraction concepts to determine the scope of Architecture and Theatre paradigms for web design language as virtual views filming Logosphere of artistic expression ideas with new language medium as anew Multimedia Cinema invention modelling as Archicinema GODARD HISTORY CINEMA YOUTUBE CANNIBALISED Technologos VLOG COGNITIVE INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN VISUAL LANGUAGE complete chinese translation experiment as abstraction hieroglyphs 認知基礎設施建築師多媒體實驗原型秘密行動智力設計網視覺語言 as well as multilanguage Technologos objectives創造CINEMASPHERE的SURCINEMA宗旨用戲院形式雕刻的抽象概念確定建築學和劇院範例的範圍网络设计語言的作為攝製藝術性的表示想法的Logosphere與新的語言媒介的真正看法,重新多媒體塑造戲院的發明, Archicinema檢察了&前拆取作為VITRUVIUS
Technologos surnews webcinema: Artctic Sea Hijacking Mistery Cause Nukes Technology Smuggling Obvious media gag order by authorities on evolving highsea drama with Arctic Sea ship misterious hijacking not by pirates but special police forces provokes wild speculations. Most credible theory case of mistery Artctic Sea Hijacking it’s shadow trades – Nukes Smuggling for terror states as the crew may have been coerced into smuggling weapons for the Russian mafia


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