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Technologos Digital Architect & Eternal Dissident Vitruvius God’s Fool Chronicle 40 years as One Day Life in New York or жизнь вечного диссидента, мирового бродяги dissident exile life  Cinematic life story interview with Sylvie Weil
At Home With Andre and Simone Weil. This heart-felt little work allows readers a personal glimpse into the family life and history of the sibling wonders, Andre and Simone Weil. Andre has been called the twentieth century’s ‘Einstein of mathematics’ and Simone is well known for her meteoric life as a philosopher-activist-mystic. Written by surviving family member and award-winning author, Sylvie Weil, At Home offers snippets of the genius, quirks, love, and obsessions of the Weil clan.
Most especially, we feel the tension of how Sylvie herself experiences the oft-bitter privilege of her role as Simone’s look-alike niece—a sort of living relic with the burden and weirdness that her memory imposes.Sylvie was the baby daughter who arrived just a few months before her aunt, the philosopher Simone Weil, who died at age thirty-four. This was another heavy inheritance, inside the Weil family
and outside it, as the baby daughter became a little girl, then a young woman, looking very much like her aunt—an aunt, who,moreover,was considered a saint
Sylvie Weil literary revenge masterpiece to geniuses inheritance At Home with André and Simone Weil, Simon Weil those figures mentioned in narration about life in Vermont withImage Memoirs by Andres Weil


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  1. Last night was mesmerized listenig to the recital of the poem Ecole Maternelle
    by poet Meg Tyler and talked to her afterwards at Barnard College at NY where Silvie was teaching at the end of 60 .

    “Reading Simone Weil and feeling dangerously heightened” “I wait
    for my child in the dreary, stone courtyard of Sainte Marie.”

    “The beautiful French mothers make me think first of the way
    Weil” “starved herself, then of the silky and pliant irides that
    now hem”

    “the garden. I am as familiar with the barrier that exists”
    “between me and them as I am with the shape of the fingers”

    “that hold my book. Affliction is a marvel of divine technique.”
    “None of the mothers smiles back at my dim-bulb smile.”

    “Like a butterfly pinned alive into an album, she writes,” “we
    always want to love. A bell rings and the children bang”

    “open the doors, chattering, released from good behavior.” “My
    straggly-haired daughter’s eyes bright with the fear”

    “that I won’t be there (I am always there). I ask her what”
    “she did today. “I played with yucky stuff.” What? I ask

    “She answers the same. I begin to press through the impeccably-”
    “dressed children and their mothers to speak in my splintered

    “to Madame Bresson. Then I hear my girl call to a passing
    playmate,” ““Au revoir, Yucky Stuff!” It is only necessary
    to know that love”

    “is a direction not a state of the soul. If one is unaware of
    this,” “one falls into despair at the first onslaught of
    affliction. I look up”

    “and smile into the unsmiling eyes of the mother of

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