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Художник-акционист Петр Павленский на стенке инст. Сербского в знак протеста отрезает себе мочку уха  Pyotr Pavlensky ‘Segregation’ Performance over the wall of the Serbsky mental institution of criminal psychiatry

Наталья Горбаневская Позорное наследие. Рецензия на книгу Виктора Некипелова “Институт дураков”

психиатрия имеет дурную славу, психиатрами было уничтожено 300 тыс. человек с 1939 по 1945 год (в Германии). И советская психиатрия имела тоже не очень хорошую репутацию. В частности, из-за того, что институт им. Сербского по заказу КГБ давал в ходе психиатрической экспертизы заключения по делам инакомыслящих, после которых психически нормальные люди на неопределенный срок помещались в психиатрические больницы. Постепенное свертывание немногих демократических достижений периода хрущевской “оттепели” вызвало появление нового слоя людей, впоследствии названных диссидентами. Прежде всего, диссиденты начали предавать гласности на Западе все известные им факты применения в СССР психиатрии в карательных целях. В печати стали появляться свидетельства пребывания в советских “ психушках” известных правозащитников — Патрушева, Горбаневской, Григоренко, Нарица, Буковского, Есенина-Вольпина — и отклики на них Солженицына, Ферона, Марченко, Амальрика, Зожа, Кирсанова, Брамберга и др. Famous Albert Maysles first documentary Psychiatry in Russia which he completed in 1955 presents a rosy picture of the mental health treatment not reflecting the abuse of psychiatry which became an established government and KGB policies. Alberte took a trip to Russia to photograph a mental hospital, and
returned the next year with a camera gifted to him from CBS to
film his first documentary, Psychiatry in Russia to launch his documentary film maker career in USA. Here is Institute of Criminal Psychiatry official documentary story but it describes it’s abuse of the Psychiatry inmysles the Soviet time led by Лунц_Д.РDr. Daniil Lunts who was a colonel in the KGB,_%D0%94%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B8%D0%BB_%D0%A0%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87.
Институт Сербского.Страницы истории. Предыстория фильма «Кащенко Обследование» такова: по направлению одного из московских военкоматов режиссер был отправлен на экспер- тизу в один из московских психоневрологических диспансеров. Там ре- шили, что нужно провести обследование в Психиатрической клинической больнице No 1 (в народе — Кащенко). И для автора раскрылся целый мир «психиатрии специального типа». Цель этого фильма — дать возможность высказаться людям, которых подвергают унижению и сомнительному лечению в специализированной психиатрической больнице.
Once, Moscow Military Commissariat obliged the director to pass medical ex- amination in a psychoneurological health center. There, they decided he needed an additional examination in #1 Moscow Mental Center, so-called Kashchenko. This is how Aleksandr discovered the world of ‘specialized psychiatry’ and it inspired him to make this film. Its purpose is to give a voice to people who are forced to endure humiliation and questionable treatment in the specialized psychiatric hospital.Александр Миронов


Heidegger Papers Talk at Soho Goethe Institute  Martin Heidegger and Nazism is a controversial subject.

By the beginning of 1934, there were reports in Berlin that
Heidegger had established himself as ‘the philosopher of
National Socialism’. But to other Nazi thinkers, Heidegger’s
philosophy appeared too abstract, too difficult, to be of much
use […] his enemies were Imageable to enlist the support of Alfred Rosenberg, whose own
ambition it was to be the philosopher of Nazism himself. Denied
a role at the national level, and increasingly frustrated with
the minutiae of academic politics – which seemed to him to
betray a sad absence of the new spirit he had hoped would
permeate the universities – Heidegger resigned his post in
April 1934
the German existentialist philosopher Karl
Jaspers, who wrote in a letter to the head of the
de-Nazification commission that “Heidegger’s manner of
thinking, which to me seems in its essence unfree, dictatorial,
and incapable of communication, would today be disastrous in its
pedagogical effects.

During the hearings of the Denazification Committee, Hannah Arendt, Heidegger’s former student and lover, who was Jewish, spoke on his behalf. (Arendt very cautiously resumed her friendship with Heidegger after the war, despite or even because of the widespread contempt for Heidegger and his political sympathies, and despite his being forbidden to teach for many years.

 The black notebooks were written between 1931 and 1941 show Heidegger denouncing the rootlessness and spirit of “empty rationality and calculability” of the Jews, as he works out revisions to his deepest metaphysical ideas in relation to political events of the day.


ImageTechnologos Objectif: Conception cognitive Instruments à explorer le domaine numérique intelligence machine. Technologos Ziel: Design-kognitive Instrumente zur Maschinenintelligenz digitalen Bereich zu erkunden.Technologos目的:デザイン認知インスツルメンツ機械知能デジタル領域を探索する。Technologos目的:設計認知工具,探索機器智能數字域。Technologos الهدف: تصميم الأدوات المعرفية لاستكشاف آلة الاستخبارات المجال الرقمي.
Technologos उद्देश्य: डिजाइन संज्ञानात्मक उपकरण मशीन खुफिया डिजिटल डोमेन का पता लगाने के लिए.

Technologos Στόχος: Σχεδιασμός Γνωστική Όργανα να διερευνήσει η νοημοσύνη των μηχανών ψηφιακό τομέα.

USSR Military Cadets Dissident Saga memoirs work in progress creating video archives of 1960-70 Moscow Dissidents, not yet final editor cut Interview in the process to create original video archives on vimeo
intellectual dissent history and underground culture in USSR begins with memoirs saga of military cadets and (narration in original russian) ith the relevant texts published in russian with english rough translation pieces below

In custody since March 3, 1962

The crime under Art. Art. 70, Part 1, and 72 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (3).
Preliminary investigations established that:
that the defendants Balashov (4) and Murzhenko, being anti-Soviet dissident and with the policy of the CPSU and the Soviet government, in late 1961

3 Article 70-I, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic (RSFSR Criminal Code) provides for punishment for “agitation and propaganda being carried out in order to undermine or weaken the Soviet regime – from six months to seven years in prison camps for special treatment with further reference to five years or without it. Article 72-I of the Criminal Code provides punishment for group action in the commission of a particularly dangerous state crimes, including – for the group of advocacy nature.

4 Victor Balashov – a graduate of Suvorov Military School, classmate A. Murzhenko of the Moscow Finance Institute and organizer of the underground “Union freedom of the mind. During the completion of the camp period running (see below), for which he was convicted for an additional three years. After his release in 1972, left the Soviet Union. Now lives in the U.S..

by agreement created an illegal anti-Soviet organization called the Union Of Freedom Reason. ”

When you create an organization they set out to fight against the Communist Party and Soviet government, and held the CPSU and the Soviet government interventions were intended to create your own program and statutes involved in the organization to new members and carry out anti-Soviet activities by conducting anti-Soviet agitation and anti-Soviet flyers content.

In furtherance of their criminal intentions Balashov and Murzhenko dragged into a criminal organization in November 1961 the defendant Fedorov, and in early 1962 the defendant Kuzmin. At the same time, they, with the participation of Fedorov, in late 1961 began to manufacture the anti-Soviet leaflets and accompanying letters to her on behalf of the named “Union of Freedom of Mind” by assigning the term spread it before the election of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1962 .. . Once the text of the leaflets Balashov in February 1962, rented a typewriter, on which your home has printed the text of the anti-Soviet leaflets.
Photographer’s work in the 5 th publising house – Voyenizdat Ministry of Defense, Balashov, using his official position, in February 1962, multiplied by car “offset duplicator” anti-Soviet leaflets text of about 400 units (units) and brought them to his home. After breeding leaflets Balashov and Murzhenko dragged into established their anti-Soviet organization accused Kuzmin, who participated in the finalization of the texts accompanying letters to the anti-Soviet leaflets. They reported on the establishment of anti-Soviet organization in the Soviet Union, its objectives, contained defamatory allegations in respect of existing in the Soviet system …
In accordance with the developed plan, February 22
1962 Balashov, Murzhenko Fedorov, and Kuzmin, distributed over 350 flyers and a few cover letters by mail to the addresses of major industrial companies, newspapers, government agencies Soviet countries themselves directly distributed leaflets at universities in Moscow.
Each of them spread anti-Soviet leaflets and letters with the leaflets: Balashov – 60 100 leaflets and envelopes Murzhenko – 20 flyers and 20 envelopes, Fedorov – 4 leaflets and 20 envelopes and Kuzmin – 30 flyers and 80 envelopes.
In addition, the Polytechnical Museum during the discussion Balashov, Murzhenko and Fedorov sent two leaflets in the Presidency, and a leaflet handed Murzhenko gr. Alekseev. Six leaflets handed Murzhenko citizen Glazkova and 10 leaflets handed gr. Lookout for the spread in Kiev …

Под стражей с 3 марта 1962 г.

В преступлении, предусмотренном ст. ст. 70, ч. 1 и 72 УК РСФСР 3.

Материалами предварительного следствия установлено:

что подсудимые Балашов 4 и Мурженко, будучи антисоветски настроенными и несогласными с политикой, проводимой КПСС и Советским правительством, в конце 1961 года

3 Статья 70-я, часть 1-я, Уголовного кодекса Российской со­ветской федеративной социалистической республики (УК РСФСР) предусматривает наказание за “агитацию и пропаганду, проводимую в целях подрыва или ослабления советской власти” – от полугода до семи лет заключения в лагерях особого режима с последующей ссылкой до пяти лет или без таковой. Статья 72-я Уголовного ко­декса предусматривает наказание за групповые действия при совер­шении всех особо опасных государственных преступлений, в том числе – за групповые действия агитационно-пропагандистского ха­рактера.

4 Виктор Балашов (он же упоминавшийся выше “Вик”) — выпускник суворовского училища, сокурсник А. Мурженко по Московскому финансовому институту и организатор подпольного “Союза свободы разума”. Во время отбытия лагерного срока бежал (см. ниже), за что был осужден дополнительно на три года. После освобождения в 1972 году выехал из СССР. Ныне живет в США.

по договоренности между собой создали нелегальную антисоветскую организацию под названием “Союз свободы разума”.

При создании организации они ставили своей целью вести борьбу против КПСС и Советского правительства, а также проводимых КПСС и Советским правительством мероприятий, ставили целью создать свою программу и устав, вовлекать в указанную организацию новых членов и проводить антисоветскую деятельность путем проведения антисоветской агитации и распространения листовок антисоветского содержания.

В целях осуществления своих преступных замыслов Балашов и Мурженко вовлекли в преступную организацию в ноябре 1961 г. подсудимого Федорова, а в начале 1962 г. подсудимого Кузьмина. В то же время они, при участии Федорова, в конце 1961 г. приступили к изготовлению антисоветской листовки и сопроводительных писем к ней от имени названного ими “Союза свободы разума”, назначив срок распространения ее перед выборами Верховного Совета СССР в 1962 г. …После составления текста листовки Балашов в феврале 1962 г. взял напрокат пишущую машинку, на которой у себя дома отпечатал текст антисоветской листовки.

Работая фотографом в 5-й типографии Воениздата Министерства Обороны СССР, Балашов, используя служебное положение, в феврале 1962 г. размножил на машине “Ротапринт” текст антисоветской листовки в количестве около 400 штук (экземпляров) и принес их к себе домой. После размножения листовки Балашов и Мурженко вовлекли в созданную ими антисоветскую организацию подсудимого Кузьмина, который принял участие в окончательной отработке текстов сопроводительных антисоветских писем к листовкам. В них сообщалось о создании антисоветской организации в СССР, ее задачах, содержались клеветнические измышления в отношении существующего в СССР строя…

В соответствии с разработанным планом, 22 февраля

1962 г. Балашов, Мурженко, Федоров и Кузьмин распространили более 350 листовок и несколько сопроводительных писем почтой в адреса крупных промышленных предприятий, редакций газет, правительственных учреждений советской страны, и сами непосредственно распространили листовки в высших учебных заведениях г. Москвы.

Каждый из них распространил антисоветских листовок и писем с листовками: Балашов – 60 листовок и 100 конвертов, Мурженко – 20 листовок и 20 конвертов, Федоров — 4 листовки и 20 конвертов и Кузьмин — 30 листовок и 80 конвертов.

Кроме того, в Политехническом музее во время дискуссии Балашов, Мурженко и Федоров направили две листовки в Президиум, а одну листовку Мурженко передал гр. Алексееву. Шесть листовок Мурженко передал гражданке Глазковой и 10 листовок передал гр. Смотрову для распространения в г. Киеве…”

Case № 28/62 L


In the name of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic July 20, 1962 in Moscow.

Judicial board on criminal cases of the Moscow City Court, composed of:
Presiding Klimova

People’s assessors Bychkova and Gerasimova

with the Attorney Molochkov,

considered in a closed court hearing the case against …

Based on the above and following the article. Art. 303 and 315 CCrP

To Sentence
Balashov Victor Alekseevich, Murzhenko Alexei G., Fedorov Yuri Pavlovich and Kuzmin Sergei Nikolaevich Art. Art. 70 and 72 of Part 1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code and has determined them to punishment:

Balashov Victor A. – imprisonment for a term of seven years of sentence in a maximum security units.

Murzhenko Alexey – imprisonment for a term of six years from the sentence to be served in the offices of strict regime.

Fedorov, Yuri Pavlovich, – imprisonment for a term of five years of sentence in a maximum security units.

Kuzmin Sergey – imprisonment for a term of four years of sentence in a maximum security units.

The measure of restraint Balashov, Murzhenko, Fedorov and Kuzmin leave detention.

Дело № 28/62 л


Именем Российской Советской Федеративной Социалистической Республики 20 июля 1962 г. г. Москва.

Судебная коллегия по уголовным делам Московского городского суда в составе:

председательствующего Климова,

народных заседателей Бычкова и Герасимова

с участием прокурора Молочкова,

рассмотрев в закрытом судебном заседании дело по обвинению…

.На основании изложенного и руководствуясь ст. ст. 303 и 315 УПК РСФСР


Признать виновными Балашова Виктора Алексеевича, Мурженко Алексея Григорьевича, Федорова Юрия Павловича и Кузьмина Сергея Николаевича по ст. ст. 70 ч.1 и 72 УК РСФСР и определила им меру наказания:

Балашову Виктору Алексеевичу — лишение свободы сроком на семь лет с отбыванием наказания в подразделениях строгого режима.

Мурженко Алексею Григорьевичу — лишение свободы сроком на шесть лет с отбыванием наказания в подразделениях строгого режима.

Федорову Юрию Павловичу — лишение свободы сроком на пять лет с отбыванием наказания в подразделениях строгого режима.

Кузьмину Сергею Николаевичу – лишение свободы сроком на четыре года с отбыванием наказания в подразделениях строгого режима.

Мерой пресечения Балашову, Мурженко, Федорову и Кузьмину оставить содержание под стражей.

Technologos Cognitive infrastructure web medium Language forms Designer Multimedia Filmmaker, Digital Architect, WEB LANGUAGE CONCEPTUALIST creating original video archives on intellectual dissent history and underground culture in USSR (narration in original russian)
Shooting Process work in progress creating video archives of the
ex-USSR 1960 Moscow Opposition, an unedited yet Dissident Interview II in New York 2010

Technologos SURCINEMA objective to create CINEMASPHERE with cinema forms sculptural abstraction concepts to determine the scope of Architecture and Theatre paradigms for web design language as virtual views filming Logosphere of artistic expression ideas with new language medium as anew Multimedia Cinema invention modelling as Archicinema GODARD HISTORY CINEMA YOUTUBE CANNIBALISED Technologos VLOG COGNITIVE INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN VISUAL LANGUAGE complete chinese translation experiment as abstraction hieroglyphs 認知基礎設施建築師多媒體實驗原型秘密行動智力設計網視覺語言 as well as multilanguage Technologos objectives創造CINEMASPHERE的SURCINEMA宗旨用戲院形式雕刻的抽象概念確定建築學和劇院範例的範圍网络设计語言的作為攝製藝術性的表示想法的Logosphere與新的語言媒介的真正看法,重新多媒體塑造戲院的發明, Archicinema檢察了&前拆取作為VITRUVIUS
Technologos surnews webcinema: Artctic Sea Hijacking Mistery Cause Nukes Technology Smuggling Obvious media gag order by authorities on evolving highsea drama with Arctic Sea ship misterious hijacking not by pirates but special police forces provokes wild speculations. Most credible theory case of mistery Artctic Sea Hijacking it’s shadow trades – Nukes Smuggling for terror states as the crew may have been coerced into smuggling weapons for the Russian mafia

Ex-financier Madoff statement – confession for being guilty for creating epic financial crime in the history of Wall street while rejecting only the conspiracy charge which illuminates escape conartist mindset due to cognitive psychoanalysis discovery method

Madoff statement at the NYC Court: ‘I am actually grateful for this first opportunity to publicly speak about my crimes, for which I am so deeply sorry and ashamed. As I engaged in my fraud, I knew what I was doing was wrong, indeed criminal. When I began the Ponzi scheme I believed it would end shortly and I would be able to extricate myself and my clients from the scheme. However, this proved difficult, and ultimately impossible, and as the years went by I realized that my arrest and this day would inevitably come.To the best of my recollection, my fraud began in the early 1990s. At that time, the country was in a recession and this posed a problem for investments in the securities markets. Nevertheless, I had received investment commitments from certain institutional clients and understood that those clients, like all professional investors, expected to see their investments out-perform the market. While I never promised a specific rate of return to any client, I felt compelled to satisfy my clients’ expectations, at any cost. I therefore claimed that I employed an investment strategy I had developed, called a “split strike conversion strategy,” to falsely give the appearance to clients that I had achieved the results I believed they expected.
Through the split-strike conversion strategy, I promised to clients and prospective clients that client funds would be invested in a basket of common stocks within the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index, a collection of the 100 largest publicly traded companies in terms of their market capitalization. I promised that I would select a basket of stocks that would closely mimic the price movements of the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index. I promised that I would opportunistically time these purchases and would be out of the market intermittently, investing client funds during these periods in United States Government-issued securities such as United States Treasury bills. In addition, I promised that as part of the split strike conversion strategy, I would hedge the investments I made in the basket of common stocks by using client funds to buy and sell option contracts related to those stocks, thereby limiting potential client losses caused by unpredictable changes in stock prices. In fact, I never made the investments I promised clients, who believed they were invested with me in the split strike conversion strategy.
To conceal my fraud, I misrepresented to clients, employees and others, that I purchased securities for clients in overseas markets.’
The Judgement Day
Now a jailbird Bernard Madoff has committed financial fraud worth over $ 65 Blns and prosecutors reserved the right to pursue up to $170 billion in criminal forfeiture along with the 11 prosecution’s charges against Madoff carrie a maximum sentence of 150 years
Madoff Confession: ‘In more recent years, I used yet another method to conceal my fraud. I wired money between the United States and the United Kingdom to make it appear as though there were actual securities transactions executed on behalf of my investment advisory clients. Specifically, I had money transferred from the U.S. bank account of my investment advisory business to the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Ltd., a United Kingdom corporation that was an affiliate of my business in New York. Madoff Securities International Ltd. was principally engaged in proprietary trading and was a legitimate, honestly run and operated business.
Nevertheless, to support my false claim that I purchased and sold securities for my investment advisory clients in European markets, I caused money from the bank account of my fraudulent advisory business, located here in Manhattan, to be wire transferred to the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Limited.
There were also times in recent years when I had money, which had originated in the New York Chase Manhattan bank account of my investment advisory business, transferred from the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Ltd. to the Bank of New York operating bank account of my firm’s legitimate proprietary and market making business. That Bank of New York account was located in New York. I did this as a way of ensuring that the expenses associated with the operation of the fraudulent investment advisory business would not be paid from the operations of the legitimate proprietary trading and market making businesses.’

TECHNOLOGOS CINEMASCAPES ON BERNI MADOFF’s PSEUDO HEDGE FUNDS ENTERPRISE AS PONZI OR QUANT MINDSET PYRAMIDE SCHEMES OF FINANCIAL RISQUES EPITOMISES WALL STREET ABSOLUTE SYSTEMIC FALLACY WHILE SEC AS FINANCES WATCHDOG IS EVIDENTLY IRRELEVANT. Madoff fraud exposes the SEC’s void of supervising the fund or even being directly IMPLICATED in the conartist scheme by covering it as it never examined his investment advisory business as $50 Blns fraud deal.
Technologos envisions creating an economic science institution to define a new financial order taking ni account cognitive insights of mental and psycho processes where information technology construct intelligent finance models infrastructure global topology and new financial theory of global monitoring framework analising phony market ideologies fallacies View NOBEL PRIZE ECONOMY WINNERS WEBCINEMA AS ANTIDOTE and Greenspan legacy of financial meltdown with his acceptance of conceptual flaw in the financial monitoring system : The Fed Can’t Become Overseer of Financial Stability