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The Putin System JM Carre   NB Приложил руку в формиривании концепции докдрамы Карре и Эмери как Системы Путина строящего личную диктатуру власти.

This doc serial 2007, 2014 shows, through interviews with Putin’s close advisers and press footage, how Putin gained his power step by step by monopolizing oil and gas, endorsing corruption, rigging elections and jailing journalists, all with former President (now Prime Minister) Medvedev’s slavish support. Medvedev changed the constitution to allow Putin to be re-elected. The film also exposes the dramatic rise of collusion between Church and State during Putin’s regime Seven years after the Putin system, Jean-Michel Carré, paints a new portrait of Russian President Putin called forever? “I had not planned to make another film about him. His political hard arbitrary forced me. We had to shoot this new metamorphosis, much more violent than that observed in my first film, “says Jean-Michel Carré. In the documentary, the filmmaker shows how Vladimir Putin became the absolute master of Russia and invented after the rigged elections of 2012, the “monarchical démocrature”.puttsar 20014

Poutine pour toujours Putin forever Jean-Michel Carré was able to show the disturbing ambitions of an aspiring Tsar Eurasia.