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Juvenile Jordan Brown was taken into custody after police discovered the body of 26-year-old pregnant Kenzie Marie Houk, his would be stepmother.
11-year-old boy is accused of the horror double murder, caught in limbo between adult and juvenile courts, sits alone in a county jail.
“Yeah, it’s enough to make me throw up,” said Lawrence County
DA John Bongivengo, prosecutor of the child who, in the eyes of the law, is an adult facing criminal charge: premeditated homicide. “I’m not necessarily sure that I want him sitting in jail while we figure all this out,” said Mr. Bongivengo. Kid’s defense lawyer Dennis Elisco planned to file motions today asking a judge to move the case to juvenile court and let the boy’s father post bail. “I don’t think anybody wants him in the county jail,” Elisco said. But Pennsylvania law requires that any child 10 and older accused in a homicide must be charged as an adult which puts the law at odds with mental health experts.
“What makes an 11-year-old do something like that nowadays?”
said a man who lives in Wampum, Pa. “But it’s kind of a growing thing in America today … and I don’t understand why.”
kidlerkenzie_marie_houkAn 11-year-old kid, what would give him the motive to shoot someone?” Kenzie Marie’s father, Jack, asked.
“Maybe he was just jealous of my daughter and the baby and thought he would be overpowered. View technologos webcinema at
“The shot was in the back of the head at point-blank range,”
said John Bongivengo, Lawrence County’s District Attorney.
That’s how 26 year old Kenzie Houk died Friday morning near
Wampum in New Beaver borough. The death of Houk also caused the
death of her unborn fetus, as she was only two weeks away from
giving birth to a baby boy who died within minutes due to a lack of oxygen.

Jack Houk- Father of Victim: “Right now, I’m talking from the
bottom of my heart. I’m hurting so bad, you wouldn’t believe,”
said Kenzie’s father, Jack.
11-Year-Old Murder Suspect Will Be Tried As Adult
View technologos webcinema update on the murder story