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Ex-financier Madoff statement – confession for being guilty for creating epic financial crime in the history of Wall street while rejecting only the conspiracy charge which illuminates escape conartist mindset due to cognitive psychoanalysis discovery method

Madoff statement at the NYC Court: ‘I am actually grateful for this first opportunity to publicly speak about my crimes, for which I am so deeply sorry and ashamed. As I engaged in my fraud, I knew what I was doing was wrong, indeed criminal. When I began the Ponzi scheme I believed it would end shortly and I would be able to extricate myself and my clients from the scheme. However, this proved difficult, and ultimately impossible, and as the years went by I realized that my arrest and this day would inevitably come.To the best of my recollection, my fraud began in the early 1990s. At that time, the country was in a recession and this posed a problem for investments in the securities markets. Nevertheless, I had received investment commitments from certain institutional clients and understood that those clients, like all professional investors, expected to see their investments out-perform the market. While I never promised a specific rate of return to any client, I felt compelled to satisfy my clients’ expectations, at any cost. I therefore claimed that I employed an investment strategy I had developed, called a “split strike conversion strategy,” to falsely give the appearance to clients that I had achieved the results I believed they expected.
Through the split-strike conversion strategy, I promised to clients and prospective clients that client funds would be invested in a basket of common stocks within the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index, a collection of the 100 largest publicly traded companies in terms of their market capitalization. I promised that I would select a basket of stocks that would closely mimic the price movements of the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index. I promised that I would opportunistically time these purchases and would be out of the market intermittently, investing client funds during these periods in United States Government-issued securities such as United States Treasury bills. In addition, I promised that as part of the split strike conversion strategy, I would hedge the investments I made in the basket of common stocks by using client funds to buy and sell option contracts related to those stocks, thereby limiting potential client losses caused by unpredictable changes in stock prices. In fact, I never made the investments I promised clients, who believed they were invested with me in the split strike conversion strategy.
To conceal my fraud, I misrepresented to clients, employees and others, that I purchased securities for clients in overseas markets.’
The Judgement Day
Now a jailbird Bernard Madoff has committed financial fraud worth over $ 65 Blns and prosecutors reserved the right to pursue up to $170 billion in criminal forfeiture along with the 11 prosecution’s charges against Madoff carrie a maximum sentence of 150 years
Madoff Confession: ‘In more recent years, I used yet another method to conceal my fraud. I wired money between the United States and the United Kingdom to make it appear as though there were actual securities transactions executed on behalf of my investment advisory clients. Specifically, I had money transferred from the U.S. bank account of my investment advisory business to the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Ltd., a United Kingdom corporation that was an affiliate of my business in New York. Madoff Securities International Ltd. was principally engaged in proprietary trading and was a legitimate, honestly run and operated business.
Nevertheless, to support my false claim that I purchased and sold securities for my investment advisory clients in European markets, I caused money from the bank account of my fraudulent advisory business, located here in Manhattan, to be wire transferred to the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Limited.
There were also times in recent years when I had money, which had originated in the New York Chase Manhattan bank account of my investment advisory business, transferred from the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Ltd. to the Bank of New York operating bank account of my firm’s legitimate proprietary and market making business. That Bank of New York account was located in New York. I did this as a way of ensuring that the expenses associated with the operation of the fraudulent investment advisory business would not be paid from the operations of the legitimate proprietary trading and market making businesses.’

TECHNOLOGOS CINEMASCAPES ON BERNI MADOFF’s PSEUDO HEDGE FUNDS ENTERPRISE AS PONZI OR QUANT MINDSET PYRAMIDE SCHEMES OF FINANCIAL RISQUES EPITOMISES WALL STREET ABSOLUTE SYSTEMIC FALLACY WHILE SEC AS FINANCES WATCHDOG IS EVIDENTLY IRRELEVANT. Madoff fraud exposes the SEC’s void of supervising the fund or even being directly IMPLICATED in the conartist scheme by covering it as it never examined his investment advisory business as $50 Blns fraud deal.
Technologos envisions creating an economic science institution to define a new financial order taking ni account cognitive insights of mental and psycho processes where information technology construct intelligent finance models infrastructure global topology and new financial theory of global monitoring framework analising phony market ideologies fallacies View NOBEL PRIZE ECONOMY WINNERS WEBCINEMA AS ANTIDOTE and Greenspan legacy of financial meltdown with his acceptance of conceptual flaw in the financial monitoring system : The Fed Can’t Become Overseer of Financial Stability


khodorkovsky & lebedevSTALINESQUE SHOW TRIAL OVER YUKOS OLIGARCHS OPENED IN MOSCOW The Kremlin has brought anew old embezzlement and money-laundering charges against Khodorkovsky & Lbedev, who face 22 plus years in a Siberian and Archtic prisons when convicted as double jeapardy trials. Yukos CEO lawyers say the new charges are absurd. There are serious doubts about having a fair trial as Stalin time remake of show trials shows attempt to keep them in prison well beyond their release date mocks all Kremlin assertions about the rule of law and it seems that Kremlin’s leaders will not free Khodorkovsky in the near future. On the other hand, there is still a chance that this trial of Khodorkovsky and lebedev will end in their acquittal if there will be a fully open and impartial trial and if there will be strict adherence to prescribed court procedures, the defendants would be found innocent of the absurd double indemnity false charges.
However, ex-Yukos oligarchs might get their revenge as the European Court of Human Rights agreed to examine charges against the Russian government brought by american former Yukos executives who are accusing Russia of expropriating Yukos assets and are seeking $42 billion in damages for its shareholders. View Anna Politkovskya murder trial REVEALS PUTIN REGIME SYSTEM’s JUSTICE FARCE while open trial on the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya ended in acquiital of all accused in Moscow military court while no hitman or assasination organizer were brought to justice. View POLITICAL DISSIDENT GALINA STAROVOITOVA IN ST PETERSBURG who was murdered in St Petersburg AND SVETLANA ALLILUEV STALIN DAUGHTER ESCAPIST STORY EPITOMISES TRAGICOMEDY FATE OF RUSSIA’s WOMEN OF TALENT and technologos webcinematic narrative View Khodorkovsky and Lebedev at previous trial being transferred to Siberia and Arctic proson camps.Khodorkovsky claimsbeing the victim of corrupt officials who feared his political ambitions and wanted to raid his business empire.

cricket sirsstanfords at mexiaTECHNOLOGOS CINEMASCAPES ON STANFORD View flamboyant Sir Allen Stanford Interview with NBC in 2008 where he claims he owns and runs 50 Blns investment empire so was MADOFF INVESTMENTS SCHEMES ENTERPRISES- PONZI MINDSET PYRAMIDE SCHEMES EPITOMISES SEC & WALL STREET SYSTEMIC FAILURE AND FINANCIAL COGNITIVE FALLACY

Stanford’s personal fortune estimated over $2 Blns while he financially seduced US politiicians donating over 5 Mlns in the last decade as he grabbing cricketters wifes on the video believing he owns this sport as he owns homes in Miami, owns the Virgin Islands and Antigua being knighted as Sir , and in them he has entertained powerful American politicians from both sides of political spectre. A fund of hedge funds run by son and brother of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s was marketed exclusively by firms controlled by Stanford. He has an estranged wife, a girlfriend, former girlfriends and at least six children by four women with monthly tab to supportl runs upward of $200,000.

STANFORD’s FRAUD EXPOSES AGAIN SEC AS US FINANCES WATCHDOG IS IRRELEVANT in new global finances era when financial markets are much more complex than in the past to monitor and control while the crises are more intractable and the risks ncalculable. Allen Stanford was questionned by the SEC about high returns on depositors investments while all other financial indicators trend downwards as the cause to file civil legal suit.The SEC has accused Stanford along with Davis, 60, and Pendergest-Holt, 35, of running a “massive, ongoing fraud” that misled investors in about $8 billion in certificates of deposit issued by Stanford International Bank, which SEC said promised “improbable, if not impossible” returns. The FBI served him on Feb. 19 in Virginia with court papers related to the SEC’s civil lawsuit but he was not under criminal investigation.
Madoff fraud exposes the SEC’s void of supervising the fund or being directly IMPLICATED in the con-artist scheme by covering it as it never examined his investment advisory business as $50 Blns fraud deal while creating mistrust and panique towards banks and financial institutions. and The renown economists Roubini and Taleb, who predicted the global economic downturn even called for a nationalization of banks to stop the financial system meltdown while Nobel prize-winning economists Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman and financier George Soros have challenged market fundamentalism ideologies.
Technologos proposing creating an economic psycho science institution to define how to monotor and control a new financial order taking in account feasable cognitive insights of mental and psycho processes where information technology construct intelligent finance models infrastructure global topology and new financial theory of global monitoring framework analising phony market ideologies fallacies View NOBEL PRIZE ECONOMY WINNERS WEBCINEMA AS ANTIDOTE and Greenspan legacy of financial meltdown with his acceptance of conceptual flaw in the financial monitoring system.

Obanomics launched as Obama’s New Economy Paradigm Project with a Team of economists leaders: tim geithner, larry summers, chris romer & melody barnes. While Barack Obama as president-elect team has focused on economy recovery new blueprint PR panacea plan as global economy solution void of devils’ details. The true imperative priority must envision hollistic approach to finances economy systemic problem of reigning cognitive dissonance by mediating resolution approach as Technologos Project proposal to create global technology financial intelligence monitoring institute as finances cognitive infrastructure instrument defining transparent financial monetary policies discipline to execute worldiwide central banks strategies execution of cognitive consonance as robust global finances economy governance a la SWIFT mode with key players governments central banks TECHNOLOGOS ON WALL STREET BANKS MELTDOWN CHALLENGE GLOBAL ECONOMY DIGITAL ECONOMY
Technologos webcinema and bailout reels Paul Volcker Forecasts US Economy Crisis “Altogether, the circumstances seem as dangerous and intractable as I can remember.” “I come now to the heart of the problem, as a Nation we are consuming and investing, that is spending, about 6% more than we are producing. What holds it all together? – High consumption – high leverage – government deficits – What holds it all together is a really massive and growing flow of capital from abroad. A flow of capital that today runs to more than $2 Billion per day.” “What I’m really talking about boils down to the oldest lesson of financial policy in Central Banking: A strong sense of monetary and fiscal discipline.”