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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Berny Madoff Jailbird Ponzi Fraud Confession for creating epic financial crime and accepts his guilt on 11 accounts but not conspiracy charge View Bernie Madoff’s statement in jail that the “problem occurred when I made commitments for too
much money and then I couldn’t put the strategy to work. It was my mistake not to just be out a couple hundred million dollars and get out
of it.” Madoff was in the securities industry for 50 years prior to his arrest and that he “wrote a good portion of the rules when it comes to trading.”Madoff stated, “I’m very proud of the role I played in the industry… of course I destroyed that now.”
Madoff stated that he served on the committee as to who should register as Investment Advisers. He said that they were trying to get hedge funds to register, and stated that “nobody wants to register” because then, they would be subject to prosecution for fraud
MADOFF stated that when dealing with the SEC, there was “never any hint” that SEC was looking for signs of a Ponzi scheme or that they were looking at his trading. He stated that this was “primarily because of the reputation I had.”
Financier Madoff Appeal Defiance is a living prove of Global Financial Institutes and SEC Systemic Fallacy and a testament of FED’s systematic financial fraud with Lori Richards resignation as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission office that inspects money managers and brokerages after congress grilled her for Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. View Madoff logic of risques to monetize Ponzi scheme at WS
Inspector General Kotz’s eight-month inquiry exhaustive look at how the agency missed chances since 1992 to detect a $65 billion fraud that burned thousands of investors. The inspector faulted the agency for inadequately pursuing tips, assigning inexperienced staff to conduct reviews and failing to seek trading records that would have revealed the scam Madoff undertook for decades: Madoff Defiance to appeal his absurd sentence to 150 years jail term for creating epic financial crime and accepts his guilt on 11 accounts but not conspiracy charge which reveals the substance of his crime deeds . PSEUDO HEDGE FUND ENTERPRISE PONSI PYRAMIDE SCHEMES OF FINANCIAL RISQUES EPITOMISES WALL STREET SYSTEMIC FALLACY.

Ex-financier Madoff statement – confession for being guilty for creating epic financial crime in the history of Wall street while rejecting only the conspiracy charge which illuminates escape con-artist mindset due to cognitive psychoanalysis discovery method

Now a jailbird Bernard Madoff has committed financial fraud worth over $ 65 Blns and prosecutors reserved the right to pursue up to $170 billion in criminal forfeiture along with the 11 prosecution’s charges against Madoff carrie a maximum sentence of 150 years
Madoff Confession: ‘In more recent years, I used yet another method to conceal my fraud. I wired money between the United States and the United Kingdom to make it appear as though there were actual securities transactions executed on behalf of my investment advisory clients. Specifically, I had money transferred from the U.S. bank account of my investment advisory business to the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Ltd., a United Kingdom corporation that was an affiliate of my business in New York. Madoff Securities International Ltd. was principally engaged in proprietary trading and was a legitimate, honestly run and operated business.
Nevertheless, to support my false claim that I purchased and sold securities for my investment advisory clients in European markets, I caused money from the bank account of my fraudulent advisory business, located here in Manhattan, to be wire transferred to the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Limited.
Technologos Financier Madoff Appeal Defiance Global & SEC Systemic Fallacy Testament
There were also times in recent years when I had money, which had originated in the New York Chase Manhattan bank account of my investment advisory business, transferred from the London bank account of Madoff Securities International Ltd. to the Bank of New York operating bank account of my firm’s legitimate proprietary and market making business. That Bank of New York account was located in New York. I did this as a way of ensuring that the expenses associated with the operation of the fraudulent investment advisory business would not be paid from the operations of the legitimate proprietary trading and market making businesses.’

TECHNOLOGOS CINEMASCAPES ON BERNI MADOFF’s PSEUDO HEDGE FUNDS ENTERPRISE AS PONZI OR QUANT MINDSET PYRAMIDE SCHEMES OF FINANCIAL RISQUES EPITOMISES WALL STREET ABSOLUTE SYSTEMIC FALLACY WHILE SEC AS FINANCES WATCHDOG IS EVIDENTLY IRRELEVANT. Madoff fraud exposes the SEC’s void of supervising the fund or even being directly IMPLICATED in the conartist scheme by covering it as it never examined his investment advisory business as $50 Blns fraud deal.
Technologos envisions creating an economic science institution to define a new financial order taking ni account cognitive insights of mental and psycho processes where information technology construct intelligent finance models infrastructure global topology and new financial theory of global monitoring framework analising phony market ideologies fallacies View NOBEL PRIZE ECONOMY WINNERS WEBCINEMA AS ANTIDOTE and Greenspan legacy of financial meltdown with his acceptance of conceptual flaw in the financial monitoring system : The Fed Can’t Become Overseer of Financial Stability