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 Senate Banking Committee Hearing with key government players: Chairman – Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Henry M. Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury; Ben S. Bernanke , Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Christopher Cox, Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission  Current Sept 23, 2008 Senate Hearing on the WALL STREET MELTDOWN and proposed BAILOUT deal worth $700 blns.   Technologos webcinema  and bailout reels Wall Street Rescue Plan Roller Coster as media, experts and senate critique PAULSON BAILOUT for $ 1 Trilllion to prevent World Markets Meltdown due to Bush Economy Crisis with his present economical policy and philosophy. View Greenspan contraargument to Fed  dictate  : The Fed Can’t Become Overseer of Financial Stability Obama On Economy Crisis Solution Plan Vs McCain Economy Resque Plan as Healthcare which epitomise his economical policy and philosophy. View

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