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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Julian Assange Wikileaks Launched Afghan War Chaos Constructive Critique with Chronicles that NY Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel
has published this Sunday. View Cinematic portrait Wikileaks editor Julian Assange who launched triple global media release of Afghan War Logs While White House officials denied that the Obama administration had presented a misleading portrait of the war in Afghanistan but as the early-viewing New York Times reports, WikiLeaks presents a new depth of detail about how the U.S. military has seen, for six years, the depths of ISI facilitation of the Afghan insurgency. For instance: a three-star Pakistani general active during the 80s-era U.S.-Pakistani-Saudi sponsorship of the anti-Soviet insurgency, Hamid Gul, allegedly met with insurgent leaders in South Waziristan in January 2009 to plot vengeance for the drone-inflicted death of an al-Qaeda operative. White House officials were offended by an interview Mr. Assange conducted with Der Spiegel, you can read below The Obama administration will go through the motions of hunting down the leaker and denouncing the leaks as treason.

Do you think that the publication of this data will influence
political decision-makers?
Assange: Yes. This material shines light on the everyday
brutality and squalor of war. The archive will change public
opinion and it will change the opinion of people in positions of
political and diplomatic influence.

SPIEGEL: During the Vietnam War, US President Richard Nixon once
called Daniel Elsberg, the leaker of the Pentagon Papers, the
most dangerous man in America. Are you today’s most dangerous
man or the most endangered?

Assange: The most dangerous men are those who are in charge of
war. And they need to be stopped. If that makes me dangerous in
their eyes, so be it.

SPIEGEL: You could have started a company in Silicon Valley and
lived in a home in Palo Alto with a swimming pool. Why did you
decide to do the WikiLeaks project instead?

Assange: We all only live once. So we are obligated to make good
use of the time that we have and to do something that is
meaningful and satisfying. This is something that I find
meaningful and satisfying. That is my temperament. I enjoy
creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people
who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is
enjoyable work.
Julian Assange did make a surprise appearance at the TED Global conference at Oxford University two weeks ago Chris Anderson, TED’s founder, interviews him onstage and talks through Wikileak’s mission, structure and history and was asking if it’s fair to say that Wikileaks has released more secret documents that the collective enterprise of journalism, Julian allows that it’s an embarrassment for journalists to have such a comparison made.
Afghanistan expert and author Stephen Grey has analysed the war logs data and calculated the number of deaths revealed in the report. Here is the breakdown:
Enemy killed: 15,506 Civilians killed: 4,232
Afghan Army (ANA) killed: 3,819 Nato forces killed: 1,138