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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Arctic Sea the trusted newsmaker source M. Voitenko will be writing from abroad as he escaped from Russia to Thailand via Turkey for good in fear for his life and freedom. He published an open letter by the wifes of the still detained sailors to the Russia prime minister Putin:
Sunday, October 04, 2009 web translation: To chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Putin v. v. from the wives of seamen Of arctic Of sea Of [zaretskoy] [E].[G]. of Kuznetsov [I].[V]. Of [volovoy] [L].[A]. Of [shumik] [V].[B]. Open letter. We, wives of four seamen t \ X Of arctic Of sea, citizens of the Russian Federation, turn ourselves to you with the request to urgently return our husbands home. We obtained letters from the investigation committee of the procuratorship of the Russian Federation from 14.09.2009 201/383081-09, in which it is reported that ” after the carrying out of pressing actions on the vessel they will be directed toward a constant place of residence in g. Of [arkhangelsk].” investigation commission finished work on vessel 16.09.2009 but our husbands they are located, until now, on the ship. After the release of seamen by forces the Navies RF it is past of 49 days! Their replacement so is not produced, although the staged crew is ready to work. Where they conduct ship – it is unknown. Our husbands need urgent medical and psychological aid, they are found in the complete information isolation of 74 days!!! We request you to contribute in the urgent return of our husbands home, until they are still living. With the respect, the wife of the seamen: [Zaretskaya] Helen, [Shumik] Victoria, Kuznetsov Irina, [Volova] Lydia.
Mikhail Voitenko, was forced to resign as a chief editor of the “Maritime Bulletin – Sovfracht” news website which was hacked as well he had fled in fear for his freedom after a tip from Russian secret services that he will be persecuted View his latest interview in russian

Arctic Sea Crew along with Hijackers flew back home to Moscow to be interrogated by KGB investigators. It’s misterious mission now unravels – sensitive cargo of weapons as Russia Chief Investigator Bastrykin suggested while all sailors are under investigation & ship is under arrest along with Baltic states nationals 8 russian hijackers

Navy expert Michael Voitenko has escaped from Russia avoiding an arrest on trumped charges and was forced to resign as editor of Sovfraht journal by the company chief: “The story is unique and fantastic. I can’t speculate anymore — I don’t have enough fantasy.” Eventually he revealed the factual story of hijacked ship by special operation executed by Middle East country to DW in russian: Михаил Войтенко: Судно было задействовано в неких левых перевозках, кому-то это не понравилось; и этот кто-то взял и провел уникальную операцию. Многие до сих пор почему-то думают, что в этом деле есть какие-то загадки, но если просто оценить факты, то никаких загадок не остается. – Вы сказали, что “кому-то это не понравилось”. А кому это могло не понравиться?
– Тому, кто был категорически против того, чем занималось судно. Явно, что речь идет о каких-то перевозках, причем, скорее всего, не разовых, а постоянных. И вот какое-то государство на Ближнем Востоке, а его эти перевозки не устраивали, взяло и устроило эту операцию. Операция была проведена потрясающая, она достойна романа и Голливуда. Я до сих пор в восхищении! Надо же было ухитриться захватить пароход на Балтике, вывести его сквозь всю Европу в Атлантику, там, прежде всего, выкинуть к черту за борт весь груз и потом отдать сухогруз.
Arctic Sea оказался крайним в этой истории. Я уверен, что экипаж невиновен, его просто использовали “втемную”. Экипаж выступал в роли перевозчика, люди понятия не имели, что они перевозили. Очень часто так бывает, что экипаж ничего не знает. Судовладелец знает, операторы знают, а экипажу по большому счету наплевать, лишь бы груз не был опасным. В данном случае экипаж ничего не знал, его втянули в эту историю.
У меня есть предположение, что жизнь моряков была важнее для похитителей, чем для тех, кто их освобождал.

Obvious media gag order by authorities on evolving drama with Arctic Sea ship misterious hijacking not by pirates but special police forces provokes wild speculations. Speculation has ranged from suspicions that the ship was carrying secret cargo — possibly narcotics — to theories about a commercial dispute.
Technologos surnews webcinema: Artctic Sea Hijacking Mistery Cause Nukes Technology Smuggling – Nukes Smuggling for terror states or the crew may have been coerced into smuggling weapons for the Russian mafia

Interview web translation not post edited with the head of the Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor of Russia Alexander Bastrykin visited the “RG”.

Does the investigation clear hazy history with the seizure of the vessel Arctic Sea? Is reasonable or not a police Maj. Evsyukov, a bloody shooting at the supermarket? Who is responsible for major accidents and the deaths of dozens of people in the Sayan-Shushenskaya GES? These and many other questions were what is called the language of journalists and Internet messages to our readers. Chief investigator of the country from acute to not go.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Alexander, the seizure of cargo ship around so many versions and rumors, sometimes the most scandalous, that it is difficult to get to the truth. You could make it clear that there was in fact?

Alexander Bastrykin: There are no special secrets in this story no. Remember the movie “Pirates of the twentieth century” – and here’s the kind of scenario. Along the coast of the Horn of Africa this happens almost every day. Another thing is that now such things happened already in the Baltic.

From the investigation, we acted quickly. When the Navy released the captured ship, our investigators were already at the place of detention, where they arrived by plane. With the arrival of the crew and the delivery of 8 invaders, investigators began questioning victims and suspects.

RG: sold disturbing information that the alleged crew also isolated from the outside world, people can not even call their relatives. This was seen as the arbitrariness of the investigation.

Bastrykin: We consider the sailors as victims who need urgent interrogation. Surely they can not call my family. May already ringing. We are doing everything necessary to investigate promptly and efficiently. We have provided them with clothing, food, hotel. Interrogations conducted now to decide whether, where inspection of the vessel.

RG: There are rumors that the ship was not only the forest, but also some smuggling.

Bastrykin: That’s why I absolutely must see the vessel that in this story was not dark spots. We do not exclude the option that it could carry not only the forest. In part, and therefore asked to stay in Moscow, the crew members – also need to figure out whether anyone not involved in those events. Not everything is clear yet, but we are calm around us reflect. Just do not create any excitement. Most importantly, we have the invaders, for that thank you very much navy, Russia.

RG: I investigation enough evidence to bring charges against the invaders? They do call themselves peaceful environmentalists.

Bastrykin: The problem of investigation lies in the fact, to gather such evidence. But I would like to draw attention to the question of the legal basis of the investigation. One of the media even runs the information that we did not have the right to conduct investigative actions with the vessel, as it is not Russia and it must immediately return it.

Responsibility that we all have a legitimate right to conduct investigations and with the crew and the vessel. Article 105 of UNCLOS in 1982 said that any State to establish jurisdiction over a pirate or pirates captured the ship has the right to institute criminal proceedings, to investigate, arrest the perpetrators and bring them to the national court of the party which has established jurisdiction. Therefore, we answer: It is true when the finish investigations. Delay will not matter.

RG: What was your personal impression, this was an organized criminal group, or simply hired by the “music box”?

Bastrykin: I think we are entering a new phase when a new type of crime. Piracy, which had been forgotten, now takes on new forms, an international character. This must be seriously studied. All the invaders as a selection in the excellent physical shape. One and a half weeks we will give detailed information, including on the invaders.


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Technologos surnews webcinema: Artctic Sea Hijacking Mistery Cause Nukes Technology Smuggling Obvious media gag order by authorities on evolving highsea drama with Arctic Sea ship misterious hijacking not by pirates but special police forces provokes wild speculations. Most credible theory case of mistery Artctic Sea Hijacking it’s shadow trades – Nukes Smuggling for terror states as the crew may have been coerced into smuggling weapons for the Russian mafia