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In Davos conference which looked as feast during the plague time the global power elite were looking for the solution but don’t yet have the question formulated.    Davos Doomfest as Globalization Winter of Discontent theme dominates Davos Global Economic Forum organized by Klaus Schwab to discuss world economy problems Bill Clinton presents his view of world in absolute fear.
While an absurd  idea of  lecturing the West  how to run the economy was promoted among the Vanity Fair celebrities politicians as  Russia premier Putin  delivered surreal critiques US  economical system whose leaders as Prez Obama and  his chief economist  Summers  were not present to celebrate our winter of discontent.  dissenting views on future of capitalism & market economy with sobre predictions by  Nobel winner Joseph Stiglitz gloomy  assesing  that world politicians will face an uphill struggle to ensure greater transparency in financial institutions while  tighter regulation is useless if financial instruments themselves are opaque  warning that the financial system will kick back against transparency. working in markets see information as power and money, so they depend on a lack of transparency for success (along with inerview NYU Doom Professor Nouriel Roubini)


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